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What is 3D motion Sensor for?

3D motion sensor tracks orientation, 
speed and acceleration of an object.
The data is detected and recorded by
computer software for specific needs.

Marble Surface

Why 3D Motion Senors matter?

Moving IoT.png
Internet of Things in action

The 3D Motion Sensors are now becoming a key element in every consumer device. They are used to monitor, analyse and deliver real time insights.

Unlimited applications.png
Unlimited Applications

Wearables, medical devices, games, fitness, sports performance, navigation, smart home devices etc. have increased the demand for 3D Motion Sensors to deliver motion-aware applications.

Turn data into action

Our secure IT platform allows you to visualize the trend, send alerts and generate reports. These data are helpful to increase productivity, simplify workflow and cost saving.

Give us your ideas and let us unlock all kinds of amazing

possibilities in using 3D Motion Sensors

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